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Celebrity Fitness Routines

Did you ever wonder how celebrities always look so fit and in shape?  Yes, while they do sometimes have personal chefs to make sure they eat healthy, make no mistake they also have to put in the work.  The majority of women out there go to the grind just after the Christmas holidays for a short period of time because they feel guilty and then they stop and perhaps a few months before the wedding, because the wedding planners begged them to do so. These are the fitness routines that celebrities swear by all year long.

  1. Soulcycle

This is an intense 45 minute workout that will have you sweating like mad.  Accompanied by music with a driving beat you can burn up to 700 calories per class.  The classes combine cycling with upper body toning in a dimly lit studio while instructors scream motivational sayings at you.  It is not cheap to regularly attend Soulcycle with classes starting at $32 per session.  Celebs like Ashley Tisdale, Nicole Kidman, Lady Gaga and Katie Holmes flock to these classes.

  1. Crossfit

Crossfit isn’t new it has been around for more than 2 decades, Crossfit is still insanely popular.  Stars like Cameron Diaz and Jessica Biel swear by this incredibly intense workouts.  Crossfit combines plyometrics, cardio, kettlebells in a heart pounding circuit style workout.  Crossfit is not about how long you workout but how hard you work out while you are doing it.  It’s a fast and intense way to build muscle and get lean and fit.

  1. The Bar Method

This is a dance based workout that celebs love and it puts together moves from yoga, Pilates, and weight training.  It won’t take long to develop a long, lean and graceful form  Newbies to the Bar Method can tryout 30 days of unlimited classes for $100 and then you’re looking at around $20 per session, so it’s not exactly cheap.  There are some other barre inspired workouts you can try including Physique 57, Barre 3 and Cardio Barre. If you drop into Physique 57 you might just run into Kelly Ripa or Anna Paquin

  1. Barry’s Bootcamp

This one is going to hurt!  It burns around 1,000 calories per class and classes last only an hour.  It was voted “The Best Celebrity Workout” across several publications.  It is super high energy and you work out listening to an absolutely killer playlist that makes time go by quickly.   The work outs go back and forth between treadmill runs and resistance training.  Every class you attend will be different you’re going to be in agony after any one of them…but no pain no gain.  Depending on the classes you take you will be looking around $15-$25 for each class and you never know you might catch a glimpse of Sandra Bullock or Carrie Underwood.