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Every week on Nikita, we watch Lyndsy Fonseca portray Nikita’s Division mole, Alex. Lyndsy was kind enough to speak to TV Fanatic about all things Alex and Nikita. Every question that has lingered up to this date will be answered.

While you might think she’s a tough girl based on her acting, she’s actually incredibly sweet! In this interview, the 24-year-old talks to me about her character, the fate of Alex’s relationships, Jaden, Percy, and so much more!

Talk to me about Alex today vs. Alex at the beginning of the season.

Oh my gosh. She’s had quite a journey. I think the biggest difference is that in the beginning of the season I don’t think she had a reason to live. She didn’t care what happened to her. Now she’s grown up and found things to fight for, and she has a passionate decision to make now. It’s crazy what she’s been through in one year. [laughs]

For more of this interview, head over to the Source

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Poor Alex. Girl just can’t catch a break :/

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As you know I’ve been talking about having a new layout done for some time, while I waited I changed up the gallery layout but then I found a gorgeous designer to whip up something stunning for the third anniversary layout of the Lyndsy Fonseca Network. On May 22nd , LFN will be celebrating 3 years online. Within those three years we’ve had many ups and downs, a webmaster change or two and this year the chance to show Lyndsy what we’ve got. Lyndsy and her family have been incredibly supportive of LFN, and we can only thank Angel for her contribution for that.

Few of you know those, but Angel was Lyndsy’s official webmaster a few years ago. She ran Lyndsy Fonseca Online, or Simply Lyndsy as it was both called. Earlier this year she contacted me and said she wanted to come aboard on FonsecaNet and help keep the Lyndsy love and news alive. With her help, we’ve done both and have had many wonderful opportunities with her since. While this layout celebrates a big year for us, it also celebrates a big year for Lyndsy. With Nikita being such a massive hit, and having come back in April, it’s shown us just how much of a bad ass Lyndsy can be. It’s season finale is right around the corner, and she also has two films coming out this year!

This layout is dedicated to Lyndsy, for being so amazing and sweet and supportive of the site. To Angel for all of her help, and to the fans for supporting us. We’ve had some hate lately and you guys have been nothing but loyal and supporting during this time. FonsecaNet would be nothing without it’s visitors and fans. So from us to you, THANK YOU.

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Thanks to KSite For These Episode Stills

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Lyndsy was pretty fantastic in tonight’s Nikita, wasn’t she? Check out my recap and review of the episode here.

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Recently there has been an abundance of “Lyndsy Fonseca” profiles showing up on Facebook. I want everyone to know Lyndsy does NOT have facebook. NONE of these accounts are run by Lyndsy or any of her “people”.

The only way to get these accounts shut down is to report them. I think it is very important that people stop impersonating. If enough people report these profiles, the facebook staff will shut these accounts down. Here are the instructions to report the fake accounts.

1.) Do a friend search for the name “Lyndsy Fonseca” and click people

2.) Click on the profile

3.) Scroll down to the bottom left side of the page, normally found under “friends”

4.) Click Report/Block

5.) Select “This profile is pretending to be someone or is fake”

6.) Click the drop down menu and select “pretending to be a celebrity”

7.) Click Continue

8.) A new window will pop-up explaining how serious facebook takes impersonation reports, check the box that you confirm this report is correct

9.) Click Continue then Ok

Remember the only social networking Lyndsy uses is Twitter.
@LyndsyMFonseca .

Thats all for now folks
Angel xo

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