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Lyndsy Marie Fonseca is an American actress who most recently starred in the CW smash hit 'Nikita'. She's best known for playing Colleen "CeCe" Carlton on The Young and The Restless, Dylan Mayfair on ABC's Desperate Housewives and Katie Deauxma in the Kick-Ass film franchise.

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Thanks to KSite For These Episode Stills

Nikita 1.19 Recap and Review
April 22, 2011 • Category: Nikita0 Comments

Lyndsy was pretty fantastic in tonight’s Nikita, wasn’t she? Check out my recap and review of the episode here.

No Facebook for Lyndsy
April 21, 2011 • Category: Uncategorized0 Comments

Recently there has been an abundance of “Lyndsy Fonseca” profiles showing up on Facebook. I want everyone to know Lyndsy does NOT have facebook. NONE of these accounts are run by Lyndsy or any of her “people”.

The only way to get these accounts shut down is to report them. I think it is very important that people stop impersonating. If enough people report these profiles, the facebook staff will shut these accounts down. Here are the instructions to report the fake accounts.

1.) Do a friend search for the name “Lyndsy Fonseca” and click people

2.) Click on the profile

3.) Scroll down to the bottom left side of the page, normally found under “friends”

4.) Click Report/Block

5.) Select “This profile is pretending to be someone or is fake”

6.) Click the drop down menu and select “pretending to be a celebrity”

7.) Click Continue

8.) A new window will pop-up explaining how serious facebook takes impersonation reports, check the box that you confirm this report is correct

9.) Click Continue then Ok

Remember the only social networking Lyndsy uses is Twitter.
@LyndsyMFonseca .

Thats all for now folks
Angel xo

Fort McCoy Screening and Photo
April 17, 2011 • Category: Fort McCoy, Gallery0 Comments

Lyndsy’s Film Fort McCoy will be screened twice at the Newport Beach Film Festival between April 28th and May 5th! For more information on tickets and times Click Here. If anyone attends be sure to let us know!

I’m also so excited to bring to you this photo that has just been released of Lyndsy as “Anna Gerkey” in the film “Fort McCoy”

That’s all for now
Angel xo

So tonight was a wicked episode eh?

Nikita 1.17 Recap and Review
April 8, 2011 • Category: Nikita0 Comments

Hi folks! Brittany here. With Nikita back, I bring you my usual recap and review of each episode. Check out “Covenants” here. Did the episode live up to the hype for you?

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