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There are only two episodes left for Nikita, and Alex is in hot water! She’s been exposed as Division’s mole and now there’s no turning back for the double agent. In advance of tonight’s episode, “Betrayals,” I sat down with actress Lyndsy Fonseca to get the dish about the season’s end while we wait to hear whether or not Nikita will return for a second go-around.

Let’s get the obvious question out of the way: depending on who you talk to, Nikita‘s prospects are good or not so good. What have you heard about a season two?

We haven’t heard anything officially but I think everyone’s extremely hopeful.

Alex pointed out last week that Michael (Shane West) has more inside access than she does, and she’s now been exposed as a mole. So where is she headed over the last two episodes?

I think people are going to be really shocked. It’s definitely not something we’ve seen before. Things are really going to change.

The situation has given you some great opportunities with Melinda Clarke (Amanda) and Xander Berkeley (Percy). What has it been like to do these confrontational scenes with them? Are they as intimidating for you to do as they are for us to watch?

No, because they’re such good friends of mine. But it’s really, really fun. They’ve got some incredible stuff to do in these last two episodes. I think the writers have been holding out to shock people at the end and you’re going to realize that Amanda and Percy are smarter than you think.

For the rest of the interview, head on over to Brittany at DigitalAirwaves. We almost had the chance to get questions in for Lyndsy but because of a mix up it didn’t get to happen this time, but I’m sure next time we’ll get in. This article is posted with permission from Brittany, so please don’t repost it without her permission.

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We issue a big congratulations to Lyndsy for once again landing on the Maxim’s Hot 100 list for the second year in a row. This year she placed 89th, which I think is roughly where she placed on the list last year too. Maxim clearly needs to take a closer look and hopefully next year she’ll be higher on the list.

The page goes on to add a few quick blurbs from her Maxim issue interview and we’ll post one down below for you.

First Zebra Stripes

In Hot Tub Time Machine, I play John Cusack’s girlfriend from the ’80s. Some actors spent hours in hair, but all I had to do was flip my head over and it was massive. Also, the movie takes place at a ski resort, so one of my outfits was a head-to-toe one-piece zebra-striped spandex cat suit that was handmade to fit my body. It’s pretty intense!

For more on Lyndsy’s interview and to get a better look at the rest of the list, head on over to Maxim website.

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Nikita (CW)
Airs: Thursday, May 12 at 9/8c

We’ll see the consequences of each of the major characters’ actions in this explosive finale. Division won’t fall, but Division as we know it will change in a big way. Somewhere among all this shifting, Michael will be off with Birkhoff, Alex and Nikita will visit a cemetery and at least one of Division’s finest will get hurt. Also: Alberta Watson (who played Section One’s master manipulator Madeline on La Femme Nikita) will drop by Division for a meetup with Alex, Amanda and Percy.

As always, I have to do a MASSIVE LFN fan squee over Alberta Watson being in the season finale. Madeline was my favorite character when I originally watched La Femme Nikita in the 90’s and it’s going to be SO great for all of the old fans, and the new to see her in action again.


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Hello Again
I have just updated our gallery with better quality photos of Lyndsy at the airport in Toronto back in February. Some of these photos were in the gallery before, some are new. Enjoy

Thats All For Now
Angel xo

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I got my hands on these great candid photos of Lyndsy leaving The Pearson Airport in Toronto Ontario, moving back home to L.A after wrapping the filming of Season 1 of Nikita! I have posted these without the giant tags hoping that if you do use them anywhere you will be respectful and keep the little corner tag on our photos along with crediting FonsecaNet. Enjoy!

Thats All For Now
Angel xo

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I just got this photo of Lyndsy getting pampered at the spa back in 2004.
Sorry for the giant tag on it but I hope you enjoy it anyway! I may be able to get more of them soon, so be sure to keep checking back!

Thats All For Now
Angel xo

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Hi all! Brittany here. Check out my recap of and thoughts on tonight’s Nikita here. How do you think Alex is going to get out of the trouble she’s in now?

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