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Hannah Leigh, Lyndsy’s sister was on last nights new episode of “Kickin’ It”, but don’t worry if you missed it! There is a re-run tonight at 7pm on Disney XD.

Here is the episode synopsis

“Clash of the Titans” – Milton falls head over heels for Julie, a girl in his chemistry class, but when Julie’s uncle, Sensei Ty from the Black Dragons, bans them from seeing each other, Milton and Julie decide their feelings for each other outweigh the rivalry between their dojos. Meanwhile, Jerry and Eddie vie to be the best rappers, in a new episode of “Kickin’ It,” MONDAY, NOVEMBER 14 (8:30-9:00 p.m., ET/PT) on Disney XD.

“Kickin’ It” stars Jason Earles as Rudy, Leo Howard as Jack, Mateo Arias as Jerry, Dylan Riley Snyder as Milton, Alex Christian Jones as Eddie and Olivia Holt as Kim.

Guest starring is Hannah Leigh as Julie and Ian Reed Kesler as Sensei Ty.

“Clash of the Titans” was written by Frank O. Wolff and was directed by Shelley Jensen.

We will try and get you clips of this episode as soon as possible. Hannah has a reoccurring role on the show & will also be on a few more upcoming episodes. For more information on Hannah, check out Hannah’s Corner of the site!

November 8th, 2011   News No Comments

Maxim has released their 2012, 16 month calendar and out of all the possible girls to in the calendar they chose Miss Fonseca!

Here is the back the 2012 calendar, be sure to pick up your copy!

Click HERE to download Lyndsy’s calendar page

November 7th, 2011   Gallery No Comments

It’s been awhile since we have shared a never seen before photo of Lyndsy.
Here is a photo from a photoshoot Lyndsy did with her friend Johnny Lewis!
Sorry about the hideous tag, but it’s our way of making sure the photo stays on this site.

November 5th, 2011   Gallery, Nikita No Comments

Another wonderful episode and some really good Alex stuff. I’ve got 150 High Quality captures from the episode now uploaded to the gallery for you guys!

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Nikita fans on twitter have been taking to the twitter world one hour before Nikita airs in Canada and US in the Eastern Time Zone (7pm) to spread the word about the show. The past few weeks Nikita fans were able to “Trend” phrases such as “Watch Nikita” and Stars names including Maggie Q and Shane West.

This week the Nikita fans want to try and trend Lyndsy’s name. To do this we need as many fans as possible who have twitter, to log in at 7pm EST this Friday November 4th 2011 and make as many tweets using Lyndsy Fonseca’s name.

Here are examples of what you can tweet:

“Lyndsy Fonseca as Alex on Nikita in one hour”
“Lyndsy Fonseca is beautiful”

Once you notice Lyndsy Fonseca is trending worldwide you would add the hashtag ( # symbol)to your tweets. Like this:

“I love #LyndsyFonseca”
“I love Nikita because #LyndsyFonseca is on it”

The only way this will work is if all fans get involved. The Nikita fans have done it previous weeks, there is no reason we can’t make it happen this week.

Remember don’t make your tweet look like this:

“I love @LyndsyMFonseca” because that tweet will go directly to her and won’t count as people discussing her.

While your at it, make sure you are following these accounts

Lyndsy’s twitter is – @LyndsyMFonseca
Website twitter is – @_FonsecaNet
My Twitter is – @LoveBugAngel

See you Friday twitter bugs!

October 29th, 2011   Media No Comments

We are so excited to bring you this very special video of Lyndsy in a “Radio Shack” commercial from 2001. It is so funny.

October 25th, 2011   Gallery, Nikita No Comments

Once again thanks to our sister site the Nina Dobrev Network we have 4 HQ Episode stills of Lyndsy in the upcoming Season 2 episode London Calling.

CASSANDRA RETURNS — Michael (Shane West) becomes alarmed when he hears Cassandra (guest star Helena Mattsson) is in trouble and rushes off to help her. He discovers General Tupelov (guest star Paulino Nunes) has accused her of stealing two million dollars and has threatened to kill her unless she returns it. However, when Cassandra’s story doesn’t add up, Nikita (Maggie Q) becomes suspicious of what she might be hiding. Meanwhile, Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) receives a very tempting offer from Percy (Xander Berkeley) that could give her the resources to eliminate Semak. Jeffrey Hunt directed the episode written by Kalinda Vazquez (#208).

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