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Lyndsy Marie Fonseca is an American actress who most recently starred in the CW smash hit 'Nikita'. She's best known for playing Colleen "CeCe" Carlton on The Young and The Restless, Dylan Mayfair on ABC's Desperate Housewives and Katie Deauxma in the Kick-Ass film franchise.

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Archive for the ‘Site’ Category

Fonseca Hall
October 31, 2010 • Category: Site0 Comments

A bunch of you had expressed a want for an all Lyndsy forum, and I’ve just finished it in time for Halloween!

So a Happy Halloween from us here to you guys, here’s the forum. Fonseca Hall

Sign up & chatter, we hope to see you lurkers there!

Portrait’s Top 30 Under 30
October 17, 2010 • Category: Site0 Comments

Lyndsy is nominated for Portrait Magazine’s Top 30 Under 30 feature this year, I’d like to see her in the top 10 or better yet, #1. Let’s get our vote on. You can vote for Lyndsy on www.portraitmagazine.net

October 16, 2010 • Category: Site0 Comments

I know that a bunch of you had been looking for a Lyndsy forum and I’ve started looking into it but before I make a full blown forum I wanted to know how many people were interested in the idea and would be posting on a regular basis?

If you could just let me know down below I can get started on it

New Owners
August 27, 2010 • Category: Site1 Comment

Hello! My name is Anula and you may know me from my other sites like Ashley Greene Online or Mia Wasikowska Source. Along with my friend Qua, I will run this site from now on. I would like to thanks Tori for letting me adopt Lyndsy Fonseca Network!

New Look
August 4, 2010 • Category: Nikita, Site0 Comments

Guess you can see that we’re sporting a brand new look here at FonsecaNet. We celebrated our one year anniversary in May but kept it on the downlow at the time. Now we’ve got a look that supports the great year we’ve had and the many wonderful fans who have come by and seen the site and supported us.

So thank you, it means a lot and I hope to get to chat with you guys if and when we open a forum!

I’ve got lots to catch up on, Lyndsy was promoting Nikita at this years Comic Con in San Diego and I’ve got photos and media to share with you guys so hopefully I’ll get that done in the next couple days.

Officially Open!
November 14, 2009 • Category: Gallery, Site0 Comments

Welcome to FonsecaNet! We’re officially open. Megan and I will bring you the latest Lyndsy news, media and photos. Speaking of, we’ve got a great gallery for her set up already and we’re eager to start sharing.

We’ve added two photoshoots to the gallery: