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Lyndsy Marie Fonseca is an American actress who most recently starred in the CW smash hit 'Nikita'. She's best known for playing Colleen "CeCe" Carlton on The Young and The Restless, Dylan Mayfair on ABC's Desperate Housewives and Katie Deauxma in the Kick-Ass film franchise.

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Archive for the ‘Site’ Category

Portrait Magazine: Cover Vote
February 4, 2011 • Category: News, Site0 Comments

The inventive group over at Portrait Magazine just let me know that Lyndsy is nominated for the March cover vote. Now Lyndsy won’t grace the fan made mag cover unless you vote for her, so head on over to Portrait ‘s website and vote for Lynds. You can find the poll in the sidebar under March Cover.

It also turns out that FonsecaNet is nominated for March site of the month, this is our first time being nominated for Portrait and it is also a voting process. The vote for SOTM is at the bottom of the right sidebar. Preview Image

Phew. What a crazy title. But yeah, you heard it. We’ve got a brand spankin new gorgeous gallery theme featuring a photo from Lyndsy’s Complex Magazine photoshoot! I’ve also got a new article for you Mikita fans which puts some rumors and worries to rest!

Maggie Q assures fans: There’ll be no love triangle on Nikita.

The trio involves Michael (Shane West), who once trained Nikita — and has a romantic past with her — and Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca), his Division trainee who has graduated to agent. As Michael and Alex grew closer, fans worried that the show’s main couple was going from a twosome to a threesome, especially since Alex’s previous love interest is now dead.

Nikita Scoop: Will Alex betray Nikita?

“I don’t see the triangle,” Maggie Q tells TVGuide.com. “She’s 19! That would be kind of gross. I don’t want to be on that show.”

FonsecaNet on Facebook!
January 22, 2011 • Category: Site1 Comment

That’s right, you can now find us on Facebook! For those on the go who can’t always reach us, here’s the place you can go to stay updated on the latest Lyndsy news right from your smartphone.

Thoughts on SpoilerTV, Why I Will NEVER use them.

January 14, 2011 • Category: Site1 Comment

FonsecaNet and it’s partner/family sites do not support SpoilerTV, nothing that comes from that website is original content. It is stolen, copied or pasted from a high profile website, the links removed and the source placed as SpoilerTV instead. It’s wrong. TVGuide, IGN, ABC, etc have all been exploited by SpoilerTV’s desire to be #1. The number one of what, stealer? Fraud? SpoilerTV takes credit for fan site work, when it is not theirs to take, they do not do the leg work to get the information – they just go somewhere they know they can steal from and put a code in that makes you say it came from their site, unless you remove it by hand. They take photos from a fansite gallery, leave the tag on and do not credit the original website, only wanting traffic for themselves. Fans of SpoilerTV are fans for the wrong reason, maybe think about that next time you visit. Someone worked hard to type it all out, or contact the network, email their insider, etc an SpoilerTV does not care. They do not consult anyone, no email, no tweet, before putting content into their website. They just assume we, the fansite owners want our stuff “promoted.” Why would we, when not even a link back is added? When a website owner tries to have the content removed, SpoilerTV ignores us because they know they’ve been caught, but can’t bear to lose the hits. SpoilerTV is a fraud. SpoilerTV should be shut down.

Lyndsy’s Birthday Messages!
January 8, 2011 • Category: Site0 Comments

I thought what a great place to share the messages then on the front page for everyone to see. Emails are hidden for user privacy. I want to thank you guys who sent messages, they are adorable.

Lyndsy, happy birthday! I wish you a lot of happiness, success, peace, health, love and I hope all your dreams come true!

I hope you enjoy this day with people you love and have fun!

You are amazing. When you smile I smile! When you are happy I’m happy! And I’ll be always by your side, no matter what happens! I love you so much! I’m a big fan from Brazil and I just want you to know how important you are to me! Happy Birthday! <3


Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!
May you always share the love and happiness you bring so easily to all your fans! You are a great actress, so much talented and I wish you the very best in life always!

Elsa (I’m portuguese like your father)

Happy Birthday Lyndsy! Hope you have an amazing day, my birthday is on the 30th of January! Have a good day!
Love Laura xxx

These are some of the emails we got, hopefully next year we’ll all be able to sit down in November and December and get something bigger planned out, maybe work together with some of the communities out there for one big bang! Thanks for participating! <3

Birthday Messages!
December 27, 2010 • Category: Site0 Comments

As you Lyndsy-ites know her 24th birthday is in TEN DAYS. And I’d really love to put together something for her, but because of school and some other stuff I’ve had no time to plan something ingenious I’m thinking I’d just like to see her fans email me birthday wishes or fanart, fan mixes, etc and I”ll put it together in a big zip for her and tweet it to her. I’m horribly at projects so I’ll have to start now in time for something grand next year. Maybe a birthday book or something.

If you’d like to send her a message or anything please email it to me at lyndsyfonsecanet[at]gmail.com or tweet me at @_FonsecaNet!

Boston Public Screencaptures
November 3, 2010 • Category: Gallery, Projects, Site0 Comments

I’ve started working on the screencaptures of Lyndsy’s 4 guest episodes on Boston Public. I’ve got the first three up and ready for you guys!

We’re also working on a media site for you guys, it’ll have interviews and promos, etc of Lyndsy in her various work settings. It’ll be called I’m Not One of Them. We’ve added new photos to the 1.04 Rough Trade album, and have also opened an area for screencaptures from any interviews Lynds does. We’re also now adding twitpics that she posts! Whew.